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Sex Offense Set-Aside in PHHSBG

Sex Offense Set-Aside in PHHSBG

Request:Fund the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant at $160 million. Preserve the $7 million set-aside for rape victim services and prevention.

Flexible funding for community needs.The Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant (PHHSBG) administered by the CDC allows states, territories and tribes to address their own unique public health needs and challenges with innovative and community driven methods.
$7 million set-aside to address sexual assault.The Public Health Service Act of 2010 included a guaranteed $7 million minimum set-aside to support direct services to victims of sexual assault and to prevent rape.

Preserve the set-aside. The President’s FY 2015budget proposes to eliminate PHHSBG. Congress preserved the block in FY 14 guaranteeing at least $7 million to respond to rape. If the PHHSBG is not preserved in FY 2015, NAESV urges Congress to maintain $7 million in flexible funding for services to rape victims and prevention
“This funding is critical to sexual assault victims in Louisiana. 100% is used for direct services. Our community programs receive no state dollars so this is a crucial source for services to traumatized women and children.”Ebony Tucker,Louisiana FoundationAgainst Sexual Assault States and communities rely on the set-aside to fundsexual assault services and prevention work:

• In California, the funds support assistance to 63 rape crisis centers to increase their capacity to prevent sexual violence.
• In Illinois, the funds support a 24/7 hotline for victims.

• 4,975 legal and medical advocacy services were provided with PHHSBG funds in Kentucky.

“20 of the 32 rape crisis centers receive this funding to maintain 24/7 hotlines and advocacy services. 43 of our 92 counties have very limited or no services, without this funding at least five additional counties would lose vital services.” Anita Carpenter, Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Contact Terri Poore, Policy Consultant at (850) 228-3428 or terri@endsexualviolence.org.