For Reporters  /  January 20, 2016

BJS Campus Climate Data Confirms Campus Sexual Violence Problem

For Immediate Release: January 20, 2016
Contact: Monika Johnson Hostler, President,

Today, the United States Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released important and thoughtfully gathered climate survey data from students anonymously surveyed at nine universities last year about their experiences of sexual violence. National Alliance to End Sexual Violence President Monika Johnson Hostler said, “This data confirms what advocates see every day—sexual violence on campus is widespread and devastating. We have an irrefutable moral imperative to make systemic change, support survivors, and prevent future sexual violence.” The BJS data reflect that, on average, 1 in 4 women on these nine college campuses experienced a completed sexual assault while at college and that survivors are highly unlikely to report these experiences to anyone in authority. Universities must partner with community based organizations such as rape crisis centers to create responsive policies and procedures that include comprehensive prevention and intervention strategies.

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