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NAESV Partners with “It’s On Us” Campaign

For Immediate Release: September 19, 2014
Contact: Monika Johnson Hostler, President,

NAESV Partners with “It’s On Us” Campaign

The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence supports the ongoing efforts of President Obama and Vice-President Biden to combat sexual assault on college campuses. The “It’s On Us” Awareness Campaign is a great launching pad to further efforts to address this pervasive problem across the country. “It’s On Us” was developed to “create positive social pressure increasing awareness, participation, and influence” toward ending sexual assault at our colleges and universities.

“Although rapists are ultimately responsible for sexual assault and must be held accountable there is a place for all of us to take collective responsibility for ending this violence. ‘It’s On Us’ is a proactive approach to engage each and every one of us in taking steps both big and small to make college campuses safer and more responsive to survivors,” said Monika Johnson Hostler, NAESV President.

In order to effectively work to end sexual assault on our campuses, it is imperative that colleges partner with their state sexual assault coalitions and local rape crisis centers so they can follow through on the real goals of this campaign. Only by working together can we ensure the needs of survivors are met and help promote campus climates that don’t allow rape to flourish. We are hopeful that presidents of colleges and universities will join the White House and take a leadership role on this issue.


The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV) is the voice in Washington for the 56 state and territorial sexual assault coalitions and 1300 rape crisis centers working to end sexual violence and support survivors.

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