For Reporters  /  October 25, 2012

Statement on Richard Mourdock’s Comments about Rape

The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence stands with all victims and survivors of sexual violence and fully affirms their right to decide for themselves what happens with their bodies and with their lives. Rape is never the victims’ fault, and no one can instruct someone brutalized by this crime how they should view it or how they should manage their own survival and healing. While national candidates play politics with this most sensitive of issues, the Violence Against Women Act languishes in Congress, rape crisis centers struggle to provide the most basic services without adequate funding, federal funding for rape prevention efforts are receding, and the rape kit backlog remains a national disgrace. If our leaders are serious about addressing the crime of rape and supporting victims, they must stop pontificating about what victims should do in the aftermath of this heinous crime and do everything in their power to ensure our nation’s laws and budget reflect compassion for women, children and men whose lives have been devastated in the most intimate way imaginable.

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